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Your Challenges
As more states, countries and government adopt environmental regulations and standards, organizations are required to provide information about their products’ environmental impacts. In addition, a rise in consumer awareness about the sustainability of the products they purchase creates a need for companies to assess the environmental footprints of their products and packaging, and communicate this information to the marketplace in an efficient way. 

Our Solutions
ESG360 helps customers enhance their commitment and efforts to reduce their environmental impacts. With innovative tools and recognized expertise and experience, ESG360 can help customers assess their impacts, in an affordable and accessible way. ESG360 has developed life cycle analysis (LCA) calculation tools that provide instant and accurate results for all possible scenarios (different countries, different process systems), . Through a variety of services, ESG360 can assist customers in eco-design and eco-labeling. ESG360's LCA services help create a competitive advantage and anticipate upcoming rules and standards.


LCAs are a global analysis of the environmental impacts directly or indirectly due to a product, material, service or process, from the raw material extraction to end-of-life management (from cradle to grave). ESG360 developed the Instant LCA solution to enable clients to easily, instantly and independently measure their products’ environmental footprints.


Life Cycle Assessment
Conducting an LCA allows organizations to understand the environmental impacts of their products, materials or services during all phases of the life cycle. It can enable more informed decision-making in product development, identify opportunities to reduce cost, as well as support eco-design and validate environmental claims. ESG360 offers three different types of LCAs, based on your expectations and budget, according to ISO 14067 and other international standards.


Training & Consultancy
ESG360 offers standard and customized product life cycle training and support services for eco-design, LCAs, standards and eco-labeling. This training program can be held by webinar or during on-site sessions in your company, to educate, provide tools and methodology. 


Life Cycle Inventory 
ESG360 can conduct life cycle inventories thorough data collection related to resource requirements, air, water and ground emissions from manufacturing facilities, warehouses and suppliers. Relying on previous identification of main impact contributors, this approach provides a cost-effective method to help brands, retailers and manufacturers improve the quality of the data used during an LCA. Our network of LCA auditors, together with our LCA experts, can collect and validate the primary data required to calculate your product environmental footprint, increasing the consistency of your environmental claims.


Product Carbon Footprint
ESG360 can help clients measure their products’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions according to international standards such as ISO 14067, the GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Standard, published by WRI/WBCSD, and the BSI-PAS 2050 standard. ESG360 can support clients in every country to measure their products’ carbon footprint, as well as enable the process for certification and communication with a carbon label. 

ESG360 can support customers on their eco-labeling procedures by evaluating environmental impacts and by providing expertise on implementation of the eco-labels, including Type II self-declarations compliant with the ISO 14021 standard, as well as environmental communication of LCA results through a Type I eco-label.


Environmental Claim Validation

ESG360 delivers an independent, accurate and credible validation of any LCA according to ISO 14067 and of Product Environmental Declarations (ISO 14025 type III environmental claims). ESG360 can process on-site auditing to validate data and emission factors used for an LCA.


Evaluate Environmental Impacts of Your Products