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ESG reporting & assurance


We help you create a comprehensive sustainability and ESG report in compliance with Exchange's guideline or standards, and improve your ESG performance in important ESG ratings such as MSCI, SASB, Sustainalytics, GRESB, CDP, S&P Global CSA and others.

TcFD and climate risks


We can support your TCFD implementation, and responses to climate regulations. Our services include Physical and Transition risk identification and opportunity assessment, climate stress test and action plan on Sustainable Finance support

product carbon footprint


Our experienced team can calculate a full carbon footprint for your product in accordance with international standards ISO 14067, PAS 2050, and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol).

sac higg fem VERIFICATION


As an approved Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) Verifier Body, ESG360 Verifiers can conduct on-site verification to validates and confirm the information submitted by facilities. 

CDP consultation & verification


ESG360 has the expertise companies need to improve disclosures and plan for climate action. Our unique service portfolio is suited for companies at any phase of their sustainability journey, whether they are just getting started or already have an advanced program. We are a strategic resource for global clients dedicated to promoting brand responsibility, improving operational efficiency, and managing environmental and social risks. We can help to review existing disclosure responses, improve procedures and systems that are described in the disclosure, and design new company initiatives that will both improve your disclosure and drive climate action forward at your company.

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