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Climate change is recognized as one of the major challenges faced  today around the globe. It has already demonstrated its potential disruptive impacts on the economy, the growing population and the environment.  Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released into the atmosphere are one of the major factors affecting climate change.

To assess and mitigate environmental business risks, many companies are now measuring their carbon emissions to identify which reduction program to implement to achieve the best reduction potential.

This GHG inventory is done according to standards such as WRI-GHG Protocol or ISO 14064/65 and 14069.


By leveraging our vast experience, you will have the tools to efficiently set up and monitor the different steps of your carbon management program.


Our carbon management services include:

•    Training / Awareness Sessions (on-site or through Webinars)
•    Full GHG Inventory on Scope 1, 2 and 3
•    GHG Calculation Tool
•    Consultancy / Coaching



Training & Awareness Sessions

Our carbon management services include the training of your teams, whatever their role in your organization. We educate the decision makers on the climate change challenges and help them define relevant objectives. We can also coach your environmental team to do a proper GHG inventory in order for your organization to set up its internal GHG network for future inventories. We can help raise awareness of other key stakeholders (employees, clients, and suppliers) to the challenges of implementing your climate change strategy based on their role in the action plan. These sessions can be done on-site or through webinars according to your preferences.


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory

Our team can perform your organization’s GHG inventory, and compute your carbon emissions for scope 1, 2 or 3, according to GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 methodologies.  This diagnosis can be drawn globally, by activity or division, and be consolidated afterwards.

The GHG inventory will be done according to your organization’s objectives and specifications: our experts can collect your data on-site, or this data collection can be carried out by your team with our support.


GHG Calculation Software

To match your activities and organizational structure requirements, we can set up calculation tools via different types of interface (Java Rich or Full Web). Our solutions are user-friendly, designed to ease the data collection phase while increasing the reliability of the results (emissions factors set by default, units’ converter…). These calculation tools are intended for you to track your action plans and establish global or specific KPIs.


GHG Consultancy / Coaching

Intertek‘s EIS supports you to draft your action plan, taking into account your team’s knowledge as well as our past experience. An assessment of the technical-economic feasibility is carried out to underline your action plan priorities in a benefits / accessibility / costs logic. Based on this information, we help you create your strategic climate change mitigation roadmap.




Measure and reduce the carbon footprint of your organization