ESG360 supports organizations in measuring working conditions across global supply chains through the Social and Labor Convergence Program (SLCP). This multi-stakeholder initiative involves hundreds of large brands, retailers, manufacturers, and service providers, facilitating data sharing and replacing redundant social audits.

The Converged Assessment Framework (CAF) empowers stakeholders to enhance working conditions globally by offering a unified assessment approach. Developed by SLCP signatories, the CAF includes a comprehensive data collection tool, verification protocol, and verifier guidance. It maintains high standards, neutrality, and impartiality in assessment without making value judgments.

As an SLCP-accredited Verifying Body, ESG360 provides SLCP verification services to assess working conditions.

Our Services Include:


  1. Verification Process Management: We manage the entire SLCP verification process, from initial assessment to final certification, ensuring thorough compliance with SLCP requirements.
  2. Data Collection and Analysis: We conduct detailed data collection and analysis to verify social and labor metrics as per SLCP guidelines, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
  3. On-Site Audits: Our qualified auditors perform on-site audits to validate data accuracy and compliance with SLCP standards, providing independent verification and credibility.
  4. Certification and Reporting: Upon successful verification, we assist in obtaining SLCP certification and preparing comprehensive reports for transparent communication with stakeholders.


Benefits of SLCP Verification with ESG360:

  • Strengthen commitment to ethical business practices throughout the supply chain.
  • Meet buyer expectations by demonstrating responsible business practices to suppliers, customers, and stakeholders.
  • Promote integrity and transparency across the global supply chain, aligning with business requirements and human rights principles.
  • Ensure the accuracy and validity of data.


Why Choose ESG360 for SLCP Verification?

As an SLCP-accredited Verifying Body, ESG360 is authorized to utilize the CAF for SLCP verifications. Our verified services cover both active Accredited Hosts: the Higg Facility Social & Labor Module (FSLM). Additionally, we are an Approved Verifying Body for the Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM).

  • Expertise: Our team includes seasoned professionals with deep expertise in social compliance and verification processes.
  • Credibility: We deliver independent, credible verification services that enhance trust and transparency in your supply chain operations.
  • Compliance Assurance: We ensure your organization meets SLCP requirements, mitigating risks and aligning with international standards.


Upon selection as your Verifying Body, ESG360 conducts verifications post your self-assessment completion on the Accredited Host platform.

Empower your organization with ESG360's SLCP verification services to uphold ethical labor practices and strengthen your commitment to social sustainability. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your journey towards social compliance excellence.



Social and Labor Convergence Program (SLCP) Verification