At ESG360, we are dedicated to ensuring that organizations achieve and maintain the highest standards of social compliance within their manufacturing facilities. Our Factory Working Condition Assessment through Social Audit services are meticulously designed to evaluate the social, ethical, and labor conditions in your operations, helping you align with international labor standards, corporate social responsibility goals, and specific compliance requirements such as the HKEX ESG reporting guide B5 KPI on Supply Chain Management.

Service Highlights:

  1. Comprehensive Social Audits: ESG360’s social audits provide a thorough review of your factory's adherence to local and international labor laws, including workplace safety, worker rights, and overall working conditions. Our assessments align with the best practices and the most current regulatory frameworks including the HKEX ESG reporting requirement.
  2. Detailed Reporting and Insights: Following our in-depth audits, we produce comprehensive reports that detail findings, potential risks, and provide actionable insights and recommendations for improvement. This ensures transparency and facilitates informed decision-making to enhance social compliance and meet HKEX guideline.
  3. Customized Audit Protocols: We customize our auditing protocols to fit the specific needs and challenges of your industry and company, ensuring compliance with HKEX ESG reporting code B5, which focuses on effective supply chain management.
  4. Expert Team of Auditors: Our auditors are experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of social audit processes and specific compliance requirements related to HKEX ESG standards. They are trained to conduct thorough evaluations with professionalism and integrity.

Why Choose ESG360?

  • Global Expertise: Equipped with a worldwide network of skilled auditors and experts, ESG360 can conduct social audits in any region, understanding local nuances and global standards, including HKEX requirements.
  • Tailored Solutions: We offer solutions specifically designed to meet your compliance and business needs, ensuring that you can achieve and maintain high standards of social accountability and supply chain management as required by HKEX.
  • Continuous Improvement: Beyond initial assessments, we support ongoing compliance and improvement through follow-up audits and continuous monitoring, helping you build a sustainably compliant operation

Empower your organization with ESG360’s Factory Working Condition Assessment through Social Audit services. Contact us today to ensure your operations not only meet but exceed the necessary social and ethical standards, safeguarding your workforce and strengthening your business reputation.


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